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CGCircuit – Applied Houdini – Liquids III
CGCircuit – Applied Houdini – Liquids III
CGCircuit – Applied Houdini – Liquids III
Duration 5h 28m Project Files Included MP4

Welcome back to Applied Houdini for Liquids III – Ocean Flat Tank! In this lesson we’ll tackle a complex ocean scene, consisting of many different effects rendered out as seperate passes and then all composited together. We’ll start by learning how to create a detailed and realistic infinite sea through a deep understanding of the instanced ocean spectrum workflow, and then make things even more interesting by blending a flat tank FLIP simulation into the middle of it! By adding whitewater foam, spray, bubbles, mist and then even more spray on top, we’ll really make our speed boat zipping through the waves come alive! Along the way we’ll enjoy some technical demos as well as talk about lighting, custom shading, common pitfalls, and many other tips and tricks. Get started mastering oceans in Houdini today with Applied Houdini Liquids III – Ocean Flat Tank!

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