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Udemy – Unreal Engine Blueprint Beginner's RPG Character Course

Posted on Mar-13-2024 11:41 | by cod2war | 3 views
Udemy – Unreal Engine Blueprint Beginner's RPG Character Course
Udemy – Unreal Engine Blueprint Beginner's RPG Character Course
Duration 3h 44m MP4

Udemy – Unreal Engine Blueprint Beginner's RPG Character Course
Udemy – Unreal Engine Blueprint Beginner's RPG Character Course
Duration 3h 44m MP4

What you'll learn
Create an RPG Character
Create a Basic Potion
Create a Breakable Shield
Work with Animation Blueprint, Animation Blendspace, State Machines

In this video course we'll be creating a role playing game character from scratch.

Everything except the animations themselves are built from scratch, but even those are manipulated due to our boundaries as free game developers. This is all done with free assets from the Epic Marketplace and we create an RPG character that I have personally used to develop my own RPG demo by simply replacing the character mesh using the methods we exhibit in this video.

After this video you should be able to expand upon it and create simple RPG games exactly to your liking given the limitations of the small mock inventory in the tutorial, which I plan on developing in the Intermediate RPG Character Tutorial in the near future.

In this video we:

-Download the engine and create our project

-Create a map from scratch

-Add Input Mappings and Inputs, Input Action Events and a Character

-Give the Player Character a weapon and a shield

-Create a Health Potion

-Develop the Animation Graph correctly, no "Play Animation" simplistic terms, just as complicated as Epic ever intended Animations to be in this video course

-Give the player the ability to attack and do damage

-The Player Character can die and respawn using .

-Menu we create for handling Player Character Death from.

-Test Dummies we create to replace AI

We do this by learning about

-Animation Blueprints
-Animation Blendspaces
-the ApplyDamage node
-Passing Variables using Casting

I hope you'll enjoy this course for it's entertainment content as well as helping you become an Unreal Engine developer. Take this course, master it, and become an Unreal Engine developer.


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