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FlippedNormals - Real-time Hair Tutorial

Posted on Oct-10-2021 13:10 | by cod2war | 164 views
FlippedNormals - Real-time Hair Tutorial
FlippedNormals - Real-time Hair Tutorial
Duration 5h Project Files Included MP4

FlippedNormals - Real-time Hair Tutorial
FlippedNormals - Real-time Hair Tutorial
Duration 5h Project Files Included MP4

Real-time hair creation has broadened my prospects as a game character artist and helped to make my way to AAA games. So my main goal was to share my experience in real-time grooming and to help game artists in mastering it.

In this tutorial, I will walk you through the whole pipeline to make real-time hair. I have collected the best tips and pieces of advice to make your studying comfortable and fulfilled. I can't teach you how to make things beautiful, but I can give you all tools and practical techniques to open you the world of real-time grooming.

This tutorial has 5 voiced main parts (over 5 hours)

(1) Blockout Section

(2) Xgen Introduction and Modifiers

(3) Baking maps

(4) Placing haircards in 2 techniques

(5) Exporting and Rendering

(6) Extra part with video and tips material on •Dreadlocks •Braids • Haircap

All parts include slides with shortcuts, tips, and insights on industry standards.

I also include UE4.25 scene for render, Marmoset Bundle, and 2 mannequins which you can use for your purposes.

Some repetitive parts of videos are time-lapsed and the Extra part (6) of this tutorial is not voiced (but still has all slides describing main processes and tips)

I tried to make this tutorial suitable for complete beginners, so in voiced parts, I describe every process, but still many basic things such as UI or software navigation are not covered in this tutorial.
In the 4-th part I show 2 ways of placing the cards. The first one doesn`t require any additional software or plugin, but if you want to use the second one, you would need to buy a plugin. Partly because of this reason I priced the tutorial a bit cheaper than I wanted to do in the beginning.

I use Zbrush, Maya 2018 and 2020 (doesn't matter), Photoshop, Unreal Engine, and Marmoset toolbag, but you might find this tutorial useful even if your software preferences differ. I tried to include as much practical industry info as I could.

Included in the ZIP files:

- 15GB of Files

- 9 Video Tutorials

- 9 Presentation Files with Tips

- over 5 hours video tutorials split into 10 Videos

- Unreal Engine Scene

- Marmoset Bundle

- 2 Mannequins + extra preset for braids

Wish you to have a nice grooming!
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