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Udemy - UE4: An Advanced Real Time Arch Viz Project
Udemy - UE4: An Advanced Real Time Arch Viz Project
Udemy UE4: An Advanced Real Time Arch Viz Project
Duration 5h 2m MP4

In this course, you will learn everything you need to know about architectural visualization using real time technology with Unreal Engine (UE4), the most advanced and professional real time tool available to arch viz artists (Its also free). You will also make use of Datasmith, a tool designed to translate your 3d rendering projects into real time (projects can come from 3ds Max, Revit, SketchUp, etc.) The course will be split into several large sections, with some sections coming later as software and techniques evolve.
In the first part of the course, the focus will be on transitioning an existing 3d rendering project into real time UE4. You will learn to achieve photo realism with your materials, lighting and post-processing, all using built-in real time tools. From there, students will generate photo realistic animations and renderings that render in REAL TIME! No more waiting for overnight renderings. Change your camera motions, object animations, camera / lighting effects all with immediate feedback.
Topics included:
importing using datasmith
UE4 materials
Lighting techniques and settings
Perfect light bakes
Fixing Errors
Animating Cameras and Objects
Level Sequencer
Lighting with HDRI
Foliage / Landscaping
Much More
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