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Udemy – Unreal Engine 2D: Make Your Own Epic 2D Games Using C++

Posted on Jun-28-2024 15:47 | by cod2war | 3 views
Udemy – Unreal Engine 2D: Make Your Own Epic 2D Games Using C++
Udemy – Unreal Engine 2D: Make Your Own Epic 2D Games Using C++
Duration 15h 3m MP4

Udemy – Unreal Engine 2D: Make Your Own Epic 2D Games Using C++
Udemy – Unreal Engine 2D: Make Your Own Epic 2D Games Using C++
Duration 15h 3m MP4

What you'll learn
Kick off your 2D game dev journey in Unreal with C++
Get comfy with Unreal's cool 2D tools like sprites and tile maps
Code gameplay for everything from platformers to top-down shooters
Craft levels with obstacles, enemies, and loot to grab
Create three rad games: a racer, a shooter, and a jumper
Master Paper2D and PaperZD to make your games look sharp
Write neat code that keeps your games running smooth
Use C++ to hook up all your game's moving parts

Unlock the full potential of 2D game creation in Unreal Engine with our comprehensive course designed specifically for those looking to harness the power of C++ in their game projects. Whether you're transitioning from another engine or deepening your Unreal skills, this course has everything you need to level up your game development prowess.

What You'll Learn:

Craft Stunning 2D Games: Learn to build games in Unreal using C++, covering everything from sprites to complex game mechanics.

Master Unreal's 2D Tools: Dive deep into Unreal's Paper2D and PaperZD plugins for powerful 2D game development.

Code Robust Gameplay Elements: Write gameplay code for diverse game types like obstacle courses, shooters, and platformers.

Design Varied Game Mechanics: Create and implement features such as multiple levels, collectable items, enemy encounters, and more.

Course Projects:

Build Three Unique Games: Develop a Desert Racer (Obstacle avoidance), Gun Survivors (Top-down shooter), and Crusty Pirate (Platformer).

Explore 2D Plugins: Gain hands-on experience with the Paper2D and PaperZD tools to bring your game ideas to life.

Code Interactive Gameplay: Write and organize 2D game code that makes your games fun and engaging.

Why Take This Course?

Start Your 2D Game Project: Break the initial barriers to starting a 2D game in Unreal with step-by-step guidance.

Learn Specialized 2D Plugins: Master specific tools like Paper2D and PaperZD that are essential for 2D development in Unreal.

Fill the Resource Gap: This course offers exclusive insights into using C++ for 2D game development, a niche not well-covered elsewhere.

Who Should Enroll:

Developers familiar with the basics of Unreal Engine and C++ who want to specialize in 2D game development.

Game creators from other platforms like Unity or Godot, looking to leverage Unreal Engine's capabilities for 2D games.

Course Requirements:

A basic understanding of Unreal Engine's interface and functionalities.

Fundamental knowledge of C++ programming.

Get Ready to Build Your Dream Games: Join us on this exciting journey to become a proficient 2D game developer in Unreal Engine. With hands-on projects, expert instruction, and a focus on practical applications, you'll not only learn the theory but also apply it directly to building games you can be proud of.

Dive into the world of 2D game development with Unreal Engine and C++ today and start making the epic games you've always wanted to play!

Who this course is for:
This course is ideal for you if you're familiar with the basics of Unreal Engine and C++ and want to specialise in 2D game development
Also if you're coming from a different engine (Unity, Godot etc.) and want to leverage Unreal Engine's capabilities for 2D games


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