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Udemy – Learn Unity in 60 Minutes

Posted on Mar-13-2024 01:40 | by cod2war | 1 views
Udemy – Learn Unity in 60 Minutes
Udemy – Learn Unity in 60 Minutes
Duration 1h 2m MP4

Udemy – Learn Unity in 60 Minutes
Udemy – Learn Unity in 60 Minutes
Duration 1h 2m MP4

What you'll learn
Learn C# basics like variables, if statement, switch statement, loops, lists from scratch
Master basic Unity features such as user interface, prefab, scriptable object, Events
Animate every object in the game with animation, timeline or using tween
Quickly learn Unity basics like Terrain, Light types, camera modes, render pipelines
Learn to use physics objects and interaction codes such as OnTriggerEnter, OnCollisionEnter, OntriggerStay
Learn how to use tween in Unity
Discover ways to save data in games
Learn to polish your game with features like post processing, skybox

Learn unity without long and boring videos!

In this course, you'll learn many basic Unity features and get a crash course in C# coding language used in Unity.

Unity is still one of the most popular game engines in the world, with new versions coming out every year and new features being added as time goes on.

In first part of the course, basic topics such as installation, code editor installation, Unity editor panels and scene tools, physics, animation will be introduced.

In the second part, we will start with C# from the very beginning.

Then we will introduce topics such as Start(), Update(), Functions, if, else, Switch statements, Tweening, Coroutines and Invokes.

In the third part we will look at some of the more basic features of Unity. There will be a lot of information that will be useful for polishing or laying the groundwork when making a game.

Render Pipelines, Terrain, Post Processing, Light settings, different saving methods will be the subject of this part.

You will also have access to documentation on some of the topics covered in the course. You will be able to access these files at any time to access a summary of topics covered in the file and codes used in course videos.

Who this course is for:
Those who want to learn Unity by seeing the important things instead of watching long and boring videos
For those who want to take a quick look at the capabilities of Unity
For those who want to get a basic introduction to game development in Unity

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