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Udemy – Ultimate Blender 3.6 Modeling Course with PBR Texturing

Posted on Oct-26-2023 02:52 | by cod2war | 5 views
Udemy – Ultimate Blender 3.6 Modeling Course with PBR Texturing
Udemy – Ultimate Blender 3.6 Modeling Course with PBR Texturing
Duration 6h 17m Project Files Included MP4

Udemy – Ultimate Blender 3.6 Modeling Course with PBR Texturing
Udemy – Ultimate Blender 3.6 Modeling Course with PBR Texturing
Duration 6h 17m Project Files Included MP4

What you'll learn
Hardsurface modeling with clean topology using low and high topology
Learn all the essential skills to model inside Blender 3.6
Texture inside Substance Painter and using our own baked mesh maps
Render inside Cycles

You will learn all essential skills inside Blender to model a complex 3D Asset with several meshes creating clean topology only modeling with polygons. You will be able to model a clean 3D Asset without having any issues with shading. You will have a model usable for any game engine with PBR Textures.

Mostly for beginners, it is really hard to understand how to create clean topology while working on a low poly mesh and using a subdivision modifier without having any issues.

Merging loose vertices, scale, move and rotate along the right axis and understanding how the mirror modifier can save you a lot of time inside Blender is only a part of what I am going to teach you.

After the modeling process, we will be moving over to the UV unwrapping process inside Blender and I will show you how to mark seams correctly, unwrap both with the regular unwrap method by blender and the smart UV function as well as aligning our UV islands and scale and rotate them in the correct order to have a clean texture later on.

The final step is a more artistic approach where you can choose your own designs. I will show you the difference between metallic textures and non metallic textures, as well as how roughness values are going to work in a render engine and also using our baked mesh maps in order to create an interesting texture for our 3D Asset.

I will teach you the process of creating your own normal maps using height values for our 3D Asset as well as color variation, using smart masks, alpha textures and how to paint on meshes.

Who this course is for:
3D Artists
Texturing PBR Materials


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