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Udemy - Combat Knife 3D Game Asset in Blender and Substance Painter
Udemy - Combat Knife 3D Game Asset in Blender and Substance Painter
Udemy Combat Knife 3D Game Asset in Blender and Substance Painter
Duration 2h Project Files Included MP4

Learn to model, UV unwrap, and texture a high quality game asset from start to finish.

In this absolutely free step-by-step Blender and Substance Painter training course Ill take you through the entire process of modeling and texturing a combat knife game asset.

This game development course is beginner friendly but you should have some very basic knowledge of Blender before watching. This course will teach you a lot of different hard surface modeling techniques and modeling tools including beveling, subsurf modeling, and non-destructive modifier methods. Itll take you from setting up a reference photo in the background to completing a high quality, high resolution, 3d knife model for games.

The course starts off by taking you through creating the high-poly model of the knife that well later use for baking normal maps onto a low-poly, game-ready model.

To prepare our model for texturing Ill walk you through taking our low-poly knife model and UV unwrapping it in Blender. Youll learn how to specify how objects are unwrapped by manually adding seams to edges, how to modify and work with UVs, and how to look for UV stretching to make sure your textures will be applied without distortion.

After were done UV unwrapping, Ill show you how to bake a normal map for the knife using Blender in order to make our efficient low-poly knife look more detailed and high resolution. Whether you want to use this knife inside Blender or export it for a game engine like Unity or Unreal, Ill show you how to make sure your model and its normal map look right in all software.
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