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[Tutorials] Game Art: Asset Texture Pipeline

Posted on Mar-02-2016 17:15 | by phuongdzu | 1 703 views
[Tutorials] Game Art: Asset Texture Pipeline
Game Art: Asset Texture Pipeline
Software: 3ds Max, Unreal Engine, Substance Designer | Advanced | 310 MB

The game industry moves fast! The technology in modern games requires artists to stay constantly updated. In the course, you will learn Judd Roy's current workflow for taking an asset from 3ds Max into Substance Painter and importing it into the Unreal game engine.

Senior environmental artist Judd Roy reviews the pipeline path for creating a 3D model of any game asset: characters, weapons, props, vehicles, etc. It starts in 3ds Max: high-poly and low-poly modeling, UV unwrapping, and a bit of lightmapping. Within Substance Painter, you'll bake maps from the high-poly asset and texture paint it. The finished textures are imported from Painter into Epic Games' Unreal Engine 4. In Unreal, you'll import the mesh object, create physically based rendering materials, and position them within a proper folder structure.

Topics include:
  • Collecting references
  • High-poly modeling
  • Low-poly modeling
  • Applying a lightmap to a mesh
  • Exporting models
  • Setting up the Unreal project structure
  • Baking parameters in Substance Painter
  • Adding adjusted maps
  • Painting in Substance Painter
  • Exporting Painter files
  • Applying textures in Unreal

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