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Learn Squared - Organic Sculpting with Arsen Asyrankulov

Posted on Dec-10-2021 14:16 | by cod2war | 198 views
Learn Squared - Organic Sculpting with Arsen Asyrankulov
Learn Squared - Organic Sculpting with Arsen Asyrankulov
Duration 8h 22m MP4

Learn Squared - Organic Sculpting with Arsen Asyrankulov
Learn Squared - Organic Sculpting with Arsen Asyrankulov
Duration 8h 22m MP4


Sculpt your imagination.
The sculptures of 2D and 3D Concept Artist Arsen Asyrankulov must be seen to be believed. In this brand new upcoming Organic Sculpting course, Arsen not only shares his method for producing poetic forms but also his comprehensive workflow so you can realize your own imaginations.

Lesson 1
Creating Your Sketch
In this first lesson, Arsen will help you to harness your artistic inspirations and unleash your creativity. You'll learn about Arsen's journey through the art world, and he will break down three of his previous pieces so you can see what made those sculptures tick. Then you'll come up with your own concept, gather references, and create the sketches that will inspire your design for the rest of this course.

1 hr & 8 mins
15 Lectures

Lesson 2
Sculpting Your Model
This lesson will cover the full sculpting process. First, Arsen will take you through ZBrush, along with his favorite shortcuts and tools. While Arsen personally chooses to use ZBrush when creating his art, it's important to note that his same techniques and philosophies can be applied to any sculpting software. After getting comfortable, you will block out your model based on your sketch from the previous lesson, and continuously add more detail until you have a finished sculpt. Finally, you will pose your model. At the end of this lesson, you will be ready for texturing.

5 hrs & 5 mins
35 Lectures

Lesson 3
Shading Your Design
Now that you have a model, you will use this lesson to bring it to life. First, Arsen will go over the basics of Substance Painter, showing various tools and tricks available to you. Once you're comfortable in the software, it'll be time to get painting. You will go into the various sections of the model, and give each area the attention it deserves. At the end of this lesson, your model will be ready to bring into the rendering phase.

1 hr & 16 mins
10 Lectures

Lesson 4
Rendering the Image
This lesson is where your hard work pays off. After importing your model into Blender, you will be able to experiment with different lighting and angles for your final renders. Feel free to explore various setups you hadn't previously thought of. Stumbling onto interesting compositions is part of the creative process, after all! Once this is complete, you will take your images into Photoshop for post-processing. At the end of the course, you will have multiple portfolio-ready pieces.

52 mins
9 Lectures
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