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Domestika – Color For Design And 3d Animation

Posted on Apr-24-2021 22:01 | by BBlK | 105 views
Domestika – Color For Design And 3d Animation
Domestika – Color For Design And 3d Animation
Duration 4h 3m Project Files Included MP4

Master the fundamentals of color and create attractive 3D designs for your personal and commercial projects
Delve into the universe of 3D animation and design with Dan Zucco, 3D Animation and Art Director He will guide you in his creative process to build full-color three-dimensional pirouettes from scratch.

You will discover the potential of Illustrator, After Effects and Cinema 4D, and you will learn Dan’s professional techniques to create spectacular 3D images that combine geometry, dynamism and color. By the end of the course you will have streamlined your workflow and will master concepts such as light, movement and texture, which you will translate into fun animations for your professional and personal projects.

You will start the course by meeting Dan Zucco, a 3D art and animation director based in London, who will show you his professional career and tell you about his influences. You will discover the importance of creating your own work and you will know the details of your final project.

First, you will install the necessary plug-ins and scripts to streamline your workflow. You will also learn how to create a presentation document or platform and Dan will teach you how to configure mood boards, storyboards and color palettes for each project.

Next, you will make a geometric design in 2D with Illustrator inspired by the elements of your platform and you will convert it to 3D. In addition, you will explore different methods to bring your 2D design to life with Cinema 4D. With Dan, you will learn to model, animate, add texture and render your design in 3D.

Finally, you will take the render of your animation to After Effects. You will learn Dan’s tips and tricks for correcting the color of your piece, and you will use Adobe Media Encoder to prepare and publish it on various platforms, such as Instagram and Vimeo.

What is the project of the course?
You will create a colorful 3D animation with the methods and programs shown in the course.

Who is it for?
For designers and 3D lovers who want to streamline their workflow for fun, colorful 3D designs and animations.

To take this course, it is recommended to have basic notions of Adobe Illustrator, After Effects and Cinema 4D. Dan will also use Octane Render, although the techniques he will teach can be easily applied to other rendering programs.

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