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Udemy – Hard Surface Creature Creation in Zbrush by Nexttut Education

Posted on May-29-2020 14:32 | by cod2war | 450 views

Udemy – Hard Surface Creature Creation in Zbrush by Nexttut Education
Udemy – Hard Surface Creature Creation in Zbrush by Nexttut Education


What you’ll learn
Hard surface mechanical part
Designing Creatures with hard surface and organic elements
Creating Armor
Working with fabrics for joints
Rendering in keyshot
Basic Zbrush and Keyshot knowledge
Hi, would you like to be able to create really cool creatures with hard surface parts
Well if so this course is definitely for you !

Welcome to Nexttut education’s Hard Surface Creature Creation in Zbrush | Intermediate User course .
My name is Richie Jon mason . I am a self taught 3D artist, in the past I have worked for 3D artist and 3D world magazine, Nissan. I was also a 3D artist at Guerilla games . Currently working at Warcradle studios

At the end of the course , you will be able sculpt hard surface creatures using zbrush and keyshot with confidence, you will be able to create a hard surface creature with ease and use the techniques to go on and create your own models.

We will cover in this course

Sculpt overall shape of our Creature

Adding mechanical part

Working with fabrics for joints

Creating outer Armor

Making custom inserts

Posing The character

Getting it ready to send to keyshot

Rendering in keyshot then bringing the files into photoshop

First we will look at our base mesh, then we will roughly sculpt out the panel placements . We’ll go over each piece individually creating Armor and fabrics, deciding which parts to switch out with hard surface , when were happy with that we will start painting the organic parts, and then before moving to keyshot we will go though the model and prepare it ready for keyshot .
Once we have it into keyshot we will start adding materials and find the best render settings then move the images into photoshop fir our final composite image

I made this course for intermediate Zbrush users but any one can download zbrush and keyshot and just start creating with only what zbrush comes with . All default settings, all real time, no speed ups, no skipping and completely step by step.

So enrol now and start creating, Hard surface creature model today.

Who this course is for:
Character artist or intermediate level students who wants learn or improve their hard surface sculpting skill in Zbrush.

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