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CGCircuit – Explosion with PyroFX Series 1 and 2

CGCircuit – Explosion with PyroFX Series 1 and 2
CGCircuit – Explosion with PyroFX Series 1 and 2



Part 1

Course Description:

In this course we will create the explosions with PyroFX in Houdini. In this series i will focus more on shrapnel explosion, we will use particles to drive our simulation and also we will build a setup so later we can easily change it if we want to. I’ll try to keep everything as simple as possible. After watching this tutorial you can easily create your own explosion using particles in Houdini.In future series we will talk more in more detail and more advance stuff.

Released on: 03/20/2017

Part 2

Course Description:

In this series we gonna take a look how to create fire explosion. We first gonna create our source then we will bring it to dopnet. Then we gonna apply some forces to achieve the shape that we want. Finally we will cache it and apply some lightning and render it out. This is gonna be final preparation part to Series 3. In the next series we gonna take what we learn in first and second series and make some advanced explosion and film quality rendering.

Released on: 11/21/2017

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