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Udemy – Pheonix FD Liquid Simulation Masterclass

Posted on Mar-14-2024 03:13 | by cod2war | 5 views
Udemy – Pheonix FD Liquid Simulation Masterclass
Udemy – Pheonix FD Liquid Simulation Masterclass
Duration 5h 19m Project Files Included MP4

Udemy – Pheonix FD Liquid Simulation Masterclass
Udemy – Pheonix FD Liquid Simulation Masterclass
Duration 5h 19m Project Files Included MP4

Master Pheonix FD in 3Ds Max and Create Stunning and Jaw-Dropping Liquid Simulations with 30+ Projects from Scratch.

What you'll learn:
Learn Tools that are used in Game of Thrones
Learn through exciting 30+ project-based lessons
Gain complete understanding of every Phoenix FD parameter
Learn Pheonix FD from Scratch
Understand Liquid Simulations, RGB Simulations, Wetmap and More
Charge your client thousands of dollars for Simulations
Acquire an UNCONVENTIONAL skillset that is in high demand
Get my best tips from years of running simulations
Learn to understand Phoenix to the point where you'll confidently setup your own Simulations
Add Stunning 34 Projects to your Portfolio
Learn Masking, Different Emission ,Time Remapping and more

Basic Understanding of 3D

Charge your client 1000-2000$ for eye-catching and stunning Fire, Smoke, Liquid and Fuel Simulations.Consumer Love ads with slow motion fire and liquid simulations.After Taking this course, You will be able to create VFX Simulations that are being used in Microsoft, Adidas, Nike, Sony Ads.Whether you're showcasing a product enveloped in smoke, burning a Windmill, or Liquid Simulation Reveals , this course has got it all covered. After just a few lessons, you'll confidently master setting up diverse fire effects, sparking a flood of creative ideas for impressive shots with your newfound skills.What You'll Learn:1. Foundations of Simulation: Delve into the fundamentals of simulation in 3Ds Max, building a strong base to create realistic fire, smoke, fuel, and liquid dynamics.2. Phoenix FD Essentials: Master the intricacies of the Phoenix FD plugin, harnessing its power to simulate Hollywood-level visual effects from the ground up.3. Real-world Applications: Understand how to apply your newfound skills to real-world projects, whether you're working on film, gaming, or architectural visualization.Why Enroll:Hands-on Learning: Follow along with practical, step-by-step demonstrations to ensure you grasp each concept thoroughly.Expert Guidance: Benefit from the expertise of industry professionals who have mastered Hollywood-level VFX simulations.Career Advancement: Enhance your skill set and open doors to new opportunities in the competitive world of 3D animation and visual effects.Portfolio-Ready Projects: Complete the course with a portfolio of stunning simulations that showcase your newfound proficiency in fire, smoke, fuel, and liquid dynamics.Elevate your portfolio and reel, impress clients with top-tier visuals, and increase your pricing starting today. This course empowers you with the skills and confidence to create diverse and unique water simulations. The transformation you'll undergo will not only enhance your reel but also provide captivating content for Instagram, leaving your friends in awe and taking your work to new heights.

Who this course is for:
3D Artist and Animators
3D Designers
Product Animator
Anyone Passionate about VFX
Game Developers
VFX Enthusiasts


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