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Udemy – Fusion and Blender VFX Masterclass

Posted on Mar-13-2024 01:36 | by cod2war | 3 views
Udemy – Fusion and Blender VFX Masterclass
Udemy – Fusion and Blender VFX Masterclass
Duration 1h 57m MP4

Udemy – Fusion and Blender VFX Masterclass
Udemy – Fusion and Blender VFX Masterclass
Duration 1h 57m MP4

What you'll learn
Create your own VFX shots using Fusion and Blender
3D Camera tracking using Fusion
Creating your 3D scene using Blender
How to setup render layers and render passes in Blender
Compositing using Fusion's node based workflow

Welcome to this Fusion and Blender VFX Masterclass

What you will learn?

3D camera tracking in Fusion
How to setup reference 3D geometry in Fusion
Export tracked scene as FBX from Fusion to Blender
Import an animated character from Mixamo into your Blender scene
Matching lighting and shadows in Blender
Creating shadow catchers in Blender
How to setup render layers and render passes in Blender
Rendering a multi-layer EXR image sequence
Fusion Compositing – Merging render passes
Fusion Compositing – Vector motion blur and color correction
Fusion Compositing – Rotoscoping and using masks
Fusion Compositing – How to create a lightwrap
Fusion Compositing – Final grading and compositing effects

During this course I will take you step-by-step through my own personal VFX pipeline, from 3D Camera Tracking in Fusion, to building your 3D scene in Blender, importing an animated character from Mixamo, rendering different render passes and render layers – all the way to compositing our final shot using Fusion's amazing node based compositing system.

You will learn various compositing techniques in Fusion, including how to merge render passes, adding vector motion blur, color correction and grading, rotoscoping and using masks, how to create a lightwrap, as well as final compositing effects to spice up your renders.

I've specifically designed this course in such a way that anyone interested in learning VFX can follow along and create their own amazing shots.

The software used in this course is Davinci Resolve Studio 18.6 (which is the paid version) and Blender 4.0.2.
Some nodes are not available in the Free version of Davinci Resolve (such as the Camera Tracking Node) but most of the nodes I discuss in this course, are available in the Free version.

By the end of this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge to create your own stunning visual effects shots.

Here is a list of all the lessons in this course:

Create a PNG Image Sequence
3D Camera Tracking in Fusion
Import FBX to Blender and Align World
Import Mixamo Character and Basic Scene Setup
Match Lighting and Shadows
Render Layers and Render Passes
Render Multilayer EXR Sequence
Fusion Compositing Part 1 (Merging Render Passes)
Fusion Compositing Part 2 (Vector Motion Blur)
Fusion Compositing Part 3 (Color Correction)
Fusion Compositing Part 4 (Rotoscoping)
Fusion Compositing Part 5 (Lightwrap)
Fusion Compositing Part 6 (Final Compositing Effects)
Export Final Render from Fusion

I really hope that you will learn a lot during this course, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Are you ready to get started? Let's dive in!

Who this course is for:
Anyone interested in creating their own VFX shots
3D Artists interested in learning Compositing in Fusion
Beginner VFX artists who wants to learn a complete VFX workflow using Fusion and Blender

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