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Udemy – Unreal Engine Multiplayer Capture the Flag

Posted on Jan-17-2024 13:29 | by cod2war | 6 views
Udemy – Unreal Engine Multiplayer Capture the Flag
Udemy – Unreal Engine Multiplayer Capture the Flag
Duration 8h 31m Project Files Included MP4

Udemy – Unreal Engine Multiplayer Capture the Flag
Udemy – Unreal Engine Multiplayer Capture the Flag
Duration 8h 31m Project Files Included MP4

What you'll learn
Learn how to create Blueprints like a AAA technical designer from a working professional.
Create a fully functional multiplayer capture the flag game.
Covers capture point creation, scoring calculations, user interface implementation, weapon and damage system, respawn logic, and animation setup.
In depth explanation of replication concepts and strategies to prevent common bugs and racing conditions.
Demonstrates the proper use of the various variable types and containers such as custom structs and enums, event dispatchers, arrays, and maps.

Learn to create a multiplayer capture the flag game with Unreal Engine. You will be taught how to script your game like a AAA technical designer from a professional in the games industry. We'll go through the entire process of making the core game logic with tips along the way that will ensure your project meets professional standards. My objective is to prepare students who want to work in the industry by demonstrating how blueprint scripting should be formatted to pass code review and minimize bugs.

This course will cover the creation of capture points that can be placed anywhere in the world in any desired quantity. Each capture point will be represented by an in-world UI widget in addition to a heads-up display that will show a team's capture progress. Capture logic will be created in such a way that grants faster progress for teams with more players on a point. Each captured point will grant its team a specified number of points until a winning score is achieved and a winner declared. Each team's total points will be represented by progress bars at the top of the screen similar to capture the flag games like Battlefield or Battlefront. The game will then restart to complete the game loop.

Additionally, this course will cover creating a basic weapon and damage system. Players will be able to shoot projectiles from a weapon that will damage an opponent when hit. When a player's health is depleted, they will respawn at the team's respawn point.

This game will be created in the first person perspective and students will be shown how to manage the associated animation systems involved.

Who this course is for:
Aspiring game designers who want to learn the more technical aspects of game creation.


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