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Udemy – Learn 3d with Blender – Fundamentals to Advanced

Posted on Jan-14-2024 22:28 | by cod2war | 30 views
Udemy – Learn 3d with Blender – Fundamentals to Advanced
Udemy – Learn 3d with Blender – Fundamentals to Advanced
Duration 18h 43m Project Files Included MP4

Udemy – Learn 3d with Blender – Fundamentals to Advanced
Udemy – Learn 3d with Blender – Fundamentals to Advanced
Duration 18h 43m Project Files Included MP4

What you'll learn
Professional level understanding of 3d to begin or advance further along a career in 3d, or as a fun hobby.
A clear and logically ordered learning path that teaches not only the how's, but also the why's
A deep understanding of Blender
Hard surface modelling
3d sculpting
UV unwrapping
Texture painting
3d character creation and animation
In-depth knowledge of 3d animation for both characters and general
Motion tracking
Integrating 3d with live footage
3d Lighting
3d rendering
Audio editing and lip syncing

This course comprises of over 30 years experience producing 3d content for leading brands across many industries, condensed into more than 18 hours of fun project based video content, carefully structured in an order that ensures you can become an advanced 3d artists in the shortest possible time.

In the course you'll gain a solid understanding of:

3d fundamentals, allowing you learn complex aspects of 3d with ease, and transfer your skills to other 3d software
Blender 3d (versions 3 or 4, differences explained along the way)
Hard surface modelling (bevel modelling and subdivision modelling)
Sculpting – A thorough understanding of the sculpting tools available.
Materials and textures
Painting textures directly onto 3d geometry
Procedural texture projection
UV unwrapping
Procedural UV's
A deep understanding of animation and the animation tools Blender provides
Character modelling
Rigging (building driver based custom rigs to control your models with bones using FK & IK switching)
Character animation and interaction with other objects
Motion tracking video footage, modelling from motion tracking data, masking from motion data
Integrating animated 3d geometry with live footage
Working with audio (editing, timing & lip syncing)
Cycles Rendering
Compositing in Blender (post production)

+ MUCH more!

The course is suitable for complete beginners, advanced users wishing to refresh or get a deeper understanding of less familiar topics, and people moving to Blender from other 3d applications. Advanced users should be able to speed through the earlier videos, but I'd still recommend to watch through those sections, to ensure you're prepared for the later sections.

The course is provided with approximately 7GB of supporting files, which includes assets used during the course, and the completed scene file for each section for those wishing to skip to specific topics.

Who this course is for:
The course is suitable for both complete beginners and professionals wishing to refresh or improve their skills.
People transitioning from Blender 4 from earlier versions. The changes are covered as we progress through the course.
Professionals moving to Blender from other 3d software.

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