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Udemy - 4d Simulations with Revit API and C# Addins

Posted on Apr-07-2023 21:08 | by cod2war | 127 views
Udemy - 4d Simulations with Revit API and C# Addins
Udemy - 4d Simulations with Revit API and C# Addins

Udemy - 4d Simulations with Revit API and C# Addins
Udemy - 4d Simulations with Revit API and C# Addins

Title: Udemy - 4d Simulations with Revit API and C# Addins
What you'll learn
Learn how to separate and manage Model Data Information for 4d Simulation
How to use C# Functions and Classes to sort and save all objects related to time and space
Create a dll file to run on Revit to create a csv timeschedule for Navisworks
Transform and extend time planning of Revit Model object with Navisworks or any other BIM Platform Software

This course its about blurring the development process of 4D Simulations done on a previous course in Dynamo to a Revit API based with all C# and Revit API structural principles so that information flows better.

This course its planned to transform 4d Simulations to a hole new level helping planning, managment and other tools for any type of project.

Its is heavily recomended that you have prior knowledge to Revit API, C# Timeplanning, Dynamo and 4d Simulations, since its all going to be used for the next step.

We will start by spliting and sortering data for model managment, timeliner creation of general tasks to get a further development on Navisworks, and set the next steps for creating groups and locations for deeper element by element simulations.

This course its distributed as it is, with the purpose of being a start point of multiple developments, with all creativity and workflows being as efficient as they can be.

Help subsequent training agendas to be released as soon as possible by recommending, reviewing, and buying this type of content. Join me in bringing all of these capabilities to reality and transforming your BIM skills, and enjoy the freedom of possibilities to make technology work the way you need it to.

And with all my hopes, I will do my best to ensure that this content will change your way of working for the better moving forward.

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