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Udemy - Photo Manipulation using Photoshop (VERY ADVANCED!)

Posted on Apr-06-2023 17:00 | by cod2war | 169 views
Udemy - Photo Manipulation using Photoshop (VERY ADVANCED!)
Udemy - Photo Manipulation using Photoshop (VERY ADVANCED!)

Udemy - Photo Manipulation using Photoshop (VERY ADVANCED!)
Udemy - Photo Manipulation using Photoshop (VERY ADVANCED!)

Title: Udemy - Photo Manipulation using Photoshop (VERY ADVANCED!)
What you'll learn
1- Learn how to blend images together precisely and professionally
2- Correcting the light values
3- Matching the Saturation of the images
4- Matching colors of the images with each other
5- Adding haze effect
6- Adding Light and shadows
7- Final look & color grading

I'm a digital artist, instructor, and YouTuber. I'll guide you through his class on creating an engaging photo manipulation design using Adobe Photoshop. In this course, I'll be sharing many useful techniques and best practices I have been using in my own work. This workshop is a very effective way to improve your Photo manipulation skills with an emphasis on working with type.

Here are the steps that we will follow:
1- The idea
2- Getting started with the background
3- Preparing foreground elements
4- Preparing Midground (Car-Man-Dog)
5- How to add depth!
6- Adjusting Lightness values
7- Adjusting Saturation
8- Adjusting The Colors
9- Drawing light and shadow (from sky lights)
10- Drawing car lights
11- Adding fog effect
12- Water reflections
13- Final Effects & grading

For this class, basic familiarity with Adobe Adobe Photoshop is recommended.

Using the same images, try to create a better concept with different color modes.

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