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Udemy - Revit Architecture 2023 - Villa 3D Modeling - Project Based

Posted on Jan-07-2023 02:47 | by cod2war | 190 views
Udemy - Revit Architecture 2023 - Villa 3D Modeling - Project Based
Udemy - Revit Architecture 2023 - Villa 3D Modeling - Project Based
Duration 4h 30m MP4

Udemy - Revit Architecture 2023 - Villa 3D Modeling - Project Based
Udemy - Revit Architecture 2023 - Villa 3D Modeling - Project Based
Duration 4h 30m MP4

0 to 100 completion of an Architectural project until delivery to the client by using Revit

What you'll learn

Basic 3D Modeling with Revit 2023
How to 3D Model of a Villa
Convert an AutoCAD file to Revit
Specific Points of Architectural Modeling with Revit
Revit tips for all projects


Basic Knowledge of Revit


Have you ever seen Revit Courses for Architecture?

Has it happened to you that you have seen Revit training, but you run into problems while doing a project?

This is a project-based course for those who have seen the Revit introductory courses and want to do a project. Also, those who don't know anything about Revit, if they are smart, they can learn important points and project-oriented, which is very practical. In this tutorial, we modeled a villa project from beginning to end and created all the details and elements of the project in 3D. For example, we created all the trusses, railings, and stairs using the details in the drawings and placed the doors and windows with their actual sizes in Autodesk Revit.

Note: We used Revit Version 2023 to record this Course.

At first, we taught you how to transfer an AutoCAD file into Revit and use it to do 3D modeling.

We have specially drawn the levels of the project and created our own symbols so that you can learn this topic well.

We have modeled each floor separately and then the stairs have been modeled.

We transferred the AutoCAD file of the building facade into Revit and then modeled the building facade in 3D.

We created all the columns in Revit.

How to create a Curtain Wall is explained and drew Curtain Walls for project by using panels and suitable materials.

We taught how to import patterns into Revit

We introduced Enscape for Rendering.

We placed the Furniture.

We created the Topography of the villa area.

We taught you how to create different Views and how to prepare them to be placed in Sheets.

We made the Dimensions of the project so that you can learn how this works for the delivery of the project.

We created the Rooms.

We created the sheets to teach you how to place floorplans and views in it.

This Course is 0 to 100 of doing an Architectural project in Autodesk Revit 2023 and it has taught you everything you need to do a project until it is delivered to the Client.
Who this course is for:

3D Modeler
BIM Modeler
Revit Users
Architecture Students


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