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Entagma - Patreon Advanced CG Tutorials Houdini (update up to August 2022)

Posted on Sep-30-2022 23:48 | by cod2war | 106 views
Entagma - Patreon Advanced CG Tutorials Houdini (update up to August 2022)
Entagma - Patreon Advanced CG Tutorials Houdini (update up to August 2022)

Entagma - Patreon Advanced CG Tutorials Houdini (update up to August 2022)
Entagma - Patreon Advanced CG Tutorials Houdini (update up to August 2022)


Updates from March 2022 to August 2022

About Entagma

We're both CG artists working somewhere in between art, VFX and technology. And we both have a passion for teaching. While working on commercial projects we often face unusual tasks that require unconventional techniques. And in our spare time we enjoy spending long hours in front of the screen, investigating interesting algorithms and approaches. We decided to share these techniques with you and build an online video library to serve as a reference and inspiration.

ADVANCED/Advanced Setups 13 - DIY Poisson Solver Jacobi Two Pass & von Neumann Boundaries.mp4 94.5MB
ADVANCED/Advanced Setups 14 DIY Poisson Solver pt. 4 Designing Caustics.mp4 210.6MB
ADVANCED/Advanced Setups 15 - Solving Optimal Transport using Python and POT.mp4 165.5MB
ADVANCED/Advanced Setups 17 - Jeroen Claus Solving The Traveling Salesperson Problem in Python.mp4 145.3MB
ADVANCED/Advanced Setups pt. 18 Monte Carlo Geometry Processing.mp4 88.2MB
ADVANCED/Advanced Setups 14 Designing Caustics.zip 75.2MB
ADVANCED/Advanced Setups 15 POT optimal transport.zip 173.9KB
ADVANCED/Advanced Setups 16 Python multithreaded.zip 90.4KB
ADVANCED/Entagma TSP.zip 103.3KB
ADVANCED/Multithreading Python In Houdini.mp4 60.0MB
GEONODES/Geometry Nodes Ep 01 Intro to Geometry Nodes.mp4 72.9MB
GEONODES/Geometry Nodes Ep 02 Working with Geometry.mp4 105.1MB
GEONODES/Geometry Nodes Ep 03 Working with Attributes.mp4 66.4MB
GEONODES/Geometry Nodes Ep 04 Beyond Geometry Node Properties.mp4 99.6MB
GEONODES/Geometry Nodes Ep 05 What are Vectors.mp4 38.5MB
GEONODES/Geometry Nodes Ep 06 Creating a Vector Visualizer.mp4 41.8MB
GEONODES/Geometry Nodes Ep 07 Refine the Vector Visualizer.mp4 56.6MB
GEONODES/Geometry Nodes Ep 08 Make a Node Group.mp4 39.7MB
GEONODES/Geometry Nodes Ep 09 Visualize Vector Addition.mp4 49.6MB
GEONODES/Geometry Nodes Ep10 - Fields.mp4 43.6MB
GEONODES/Geometry Nodes Ep11 - Create Noise Driven Displacement.mp4 57.2MB
GEONODES/Geometry Nodes Ep12 - Displace and Shade a Torus by Noise.mp4 77.1MB
GEONODES/Geometry Nodes Ep13 - Create the Procedural Low Poly Rocks Geometry.mp4 94.6MB
GEONODES/Geometry Nodes Ep14 - Create the Procedural Low Poly Rocks Shader.mp4 83.7MB
GEONODES/Geometry Nodes Ep 15 Real World Project 1 Psyche Transform Effect.mp4 8.4MB
GEONODES/Geometry Nodes Ep 16 Psyche Transform Spherical Falloff.mp4 16.4MB
KINEFX/KineFX 101 - Pt.11 Enhancing Growth Sims With KineFX.mp4 222.0MB
KINEFX/KineFX 101 - Pt.12 KFX Potpourri Capturing, Secondary Motion And Fixing Skeletons.mp4 175.7MB
KINEFX/KineFX 101 - Pt.13 Combining Vellum with KineFX.mp4 109.0MB
KINEFX/KineFX 101 - Pt.14 Capturing A Procedurally Creating And Modifying Weights.mp4 82.6MB
KINEFX/KineFX 101 - Pt.14 Capturing B Building A DIY Bone Deform SOP.mp4 57.8MB
KINEFX/KineFX 101 - Pt.15 KineFX & Vellum 2 Building a Balloon Character.mp4 107.8MB
KINEFX/KineFX 101 - Pt.16 Rigging An IK Robot Arm.mp4 35.1MB
KINEFX/KineFX 101 - Pt.17 No VEX Procedural Walkers.mp4 63.2MB
KINEFX/KineFX 101 - Pt.18 CFX Muscles Part 1.mp4 40.8MB
VELLUM/Vellum 101 Pt. 41 Melting Objects Using Vellum Fluids.mp4 140.0MB
VELLUM/Vellum 101 pt 40 Fluid Melt 01.zip
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