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FlippedNormals - Sculpting Frankenstein's Monster

Posted on Jun-11-2022 03:14 | by cod2war | 75 views
FlippedNormals - Sculpting Frankenstein's Monster
FlippedNormals - Sculpting Frankenstein's Monster
Duration 10h 30m Project Files Included MP4

FlippedNormals - Sculpting Frankenstein's Monster
FlippedNormals - Sculpting Frankenstein's Monster
Duration 10h 30m Project Files Included MP4

Sculpting Frankenstein's Monster
Learn how to sculpt Frankenstein's Monster from scratch with over 10 hours of real-time professional training. We cover essential face anatomy, sculpting the eyes, ears, nose and mouth, how to give the character nice pores, how to sculpt wrinkles and how to add definition to your sculpts. Our easy-to-use techniques taught in this course will help you take your sculpts to the next level in no time!

The entire course is taught in real-time, with no timelapses at all! All steps are shown and you can follow along at your own pace, from the very first brush stroke on a sphere, to making the hair and clothing, to the final pores and polypainting.

The sculpting techniques you'll learn have been used to create incredible creatures and characters in the film industry. We've also taught numerous students in classrooms and online using these simple and effective ways of sculpting.

Your instructor, Henning Sanden - Co-Founder of FlippedNormals, has been sculpting for 15 years. In his professional career, he's sculpted hero characters for movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Batman V Superman, Pacific Rim Uprising, and Alien Covenant, to name a few. He's also held masterclasses and taught sculpting at some of the top European Art Universities.

20 HD Video Files
Source Files
Custom ZBrush UI and Hotkeys
5 Low Res FlippedNormals Face Kit alphas
Sculpting Frankenstein's Monster is perfect for intermediate artists who are familiar with ZBrush and who want to improve their sculpting. We recommend that you go into this course with a few weeks minimum of sculpting experience.

Familiarity with a sculpting software is needed. We are using ZBrush, but you can easily follow along in Blender, Nomad or Mudbox.

We use the FlippedNormals Face Kit to make the alphas, but feel free to use any face alphas in your library.

We highly recommend that you use a tablet.

ZBrush 2022

01 - BaseShapes 01
02 - BaseShapes 02
03 - BaseShapes 03
04 - DefiningShapes 01
05 - DefiningShapes 02
06 - More Sculpting
07 - Frankensteining
08 - Design Changes
09 - Sculpting Hair
10 - Sculpting Cloth
11 - Face Refinement
12 - Skin Breakup
13 - Integrating Alphas
14 - Model Refinement
15 - Pores
16 - Neck Metal Pieces
17 - Forehead Metal
18 - Additional Hair Sculpting
19 - Additional Model Refinement
20 - Polypaint and Final Tweaks
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