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FlippedNormals - Face Kit

Posted on Jun-11-2022 03:14 | by cod2war | 94 views
FlippedNormals - Face Kit
FlippedNormals - Face Kit

FlippedNormals - Face Kit
FlippedNormals - Face Kit

Flippednormals Face Kit
With the FlippedNormals Face Kit, you can make realistic skin in minutes! Adding pores and skin details becomes a pleasure, no matter what software you're using. With almost 100 unique alpha maps, you get all the variation you need to make incredible faces.

Each alpha has been carefully extracted from 3D scans - then enhanced through AI technology and hand sculpting. The result is a fine tuned selection of alphas crafted specifically to make your character work excel.

The FlippedNormals Face Kit is not only made to last, it's made with range in mind. The Face Kit works for both young and old characters and holds up on extreme close-ups. We're confident it'll become a staple in your toolkit for years to come.

All software is supported but the FlippedNormals Face Kit works particularly well for:

Substance Painter
97 Unique Face Alphas in Total
35 Young Face Alphas
62 Old Face Alphas
1 Full Face Map for Old Face
1 Full Face Map for Young Face
Custom ZBrush UI
Custom ZBrush Macros
Face Layout Legend
Files as EXR and PSD
Help PDF to get setup in ZBrush, Substance Painter, MARI and Blender
What's the difference between the FlippedNormals Face Kit and the FlippedNormals Skin Kit?
The FlippedNormals Skin Kit focuses on different skin types such as leather, scales, and generic pores which are designed to work on different animals, creatures and body parts. The FlippedNormals Face Kit is made to work specifically on the face. It contains highly specialized face alphas and is designed to work on humans and humanoid characters.

The two kits work incredibly well together!

How do I use the FlippedNormals Face Kit in Substance Painter/ZBrush/Blender/Mari?
We are including a detailed PDF along with the product, describing exactly how to set up the different software to work with the alphas.
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