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Udemy - The Ultimate Guide To 3D Environments in Blender 3.0

Posted on Feb-10-2022 15:10 | by cod2war | 317 views
Udemy - The Ultimate Guide To 3D Environments in Blender 3.0
Udemy - The Ultimate Guide To 3D Environments in Blender 3.0
Duration 6h 30m MP4

Udemy - The Ultimate Guide To 3D Environments in Blender 3.0
Udemy - The Ultimate Guide To 3D Environments in Blender 3.0
Duration 6h 30m MP4

What you'll learn
Learn the different techniques and tools to create epic large-scale Environments, all for free inside blender
Learn the basics of Node workflow from simple to complex
Unlock the secret for super realistic render from both Cycles and Eevee
Learn How to use and composite your renders professionally in Blender powerful Compositor
All scenes, assets, models, rocks, grass, tree, mountains, textures and more
Compositing your renders and how to make them look cinematic
All about nodes from simple shading to advanced procedural shading / Displacement workflows
All about rendering and how to optimize your scene to get the fastest renders possible
Creating stunning and unique environments all inside blender


A lot of people when they try to make 3D environments end up with pretty amateur results. I DON'T WANT YOU TO GET SUCH RESULTS, AND MY MISSION IS TO HELP WITH THAT.

This course will teach you everything about how to make epic 3D environments in Blender, and I mean EVERYTHING.

What are the different approaches?

What is displacement?

How to make something looks realistic, and get results like professionals?

How to understand nodes and build complex materials easily like the one you see right now?



rendering layers,

cycles or Eevee?

and more

We will demystify all of those topics one and for all, in a way that you'll never have to struggle with them again. From creating hot deserts, deep oceans to huge snowy mountains we got them all.

Not only when you finish this course you will end up with a solid understanding of how to make your environment looks so epic and gorgeous, but you will learn along the way some really valuable information and tricks that you won't find anywhere else, and that will take your skills to next level.

So even though this course might sound like it is just about 3D environment, it is just a topic that will help me explain a lot of things.

I'm not going to give you fish, I'm going to teach you how to fish so that by the end of the course you'll be able to learn whatever you have in mind.

Level Required

The course is built from the ground up to suit whatever your level in Blender. we will explain everything in detail so that you understand exactly what we're doing, and most importantly why in the first place.

This course is not just about showing you the buttons to hit but most importantly why I'm doing whatever I'm doing and what is my thought process, which I think is the most valuable skill that you can develop.

so basically this course is a really tasty pasta for all the beginners out there, with some spicy sauce on top for the ones who're looking for some advanced stuff and want to take their 3D renders to the next level.

There's value in the course for everyone no matter your level.

Simply it will BLOW YOUR MIND.

Now if all of that excited you, believe me, this course will be a huge investment in your 3D skills, that you will not regret and I can't wait to see you inside the course.

Enough for me for this video, and it is time to talk inside the course, so talk to you all there.


Who this course is for:
This course is meant for artists who wants to take their skills to next level
Artists interested in creating realistic 3D environments
Environment / 3D / Concept / VFX Artists
Game level artists
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