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Learn Squared - Visual Storytelling Romain Jouandeau

Posted on Dec-16-2021 13:56 | by cod2war | 195 views
Learn Squared - Visual Storytelling Romain Jouandeau
Learn Squared - Visual Storytelling Romain Jouandeau
Duration 8h 29m MP4

Learn Squared - Visual Storytelling Romain Jouandeau
Learn Squared - Visual Storytelling Romain Jouandeau
Duration 8h 29m MP4

Turn your stories into concept art.
Learn modern concept art techniques from one of the industry's leading artists. AAA video game concept artist Romain Jouandeau will teach you everything you need to know to create a series of dynamic concept art keyframes using Blender and Photoshop in his unique style.

Lesson 1
Telling a Story
This lesson will take you through the initial ideation process, helping you to find the main concept for your story. You'll gather references, sketch out various ideas, and finally create a set of thumbnails which will guide your paintings as you continue forward.

59 mins
16 Lectures

Lesson 2
Building Props
In order to save time in the painting process, you'll create your scene's main props in 3D. Romain will show you various blocking and texturing techniques, as well as more advanced concepts like simulating cloth and complex shapes. After everything is complete, you will render images to bring into Photoshop.

2 hrs & 4 mins

Lesson 3
Now it's time to bring everything into Photoshop. You'll integrate your 3D model with various photobashing, texturing, lighting and painting techniques to give it a much higher level of detail. The rest of your scene will be constructed using these same methods to bring everything to the same quality standard. By the end of this lesson, all your images without 3D backgrounds will be complete.

1 hr & 44 mins

Lesson 4
3D Scenery
Now you will focus on any paintings which require a 3D background. In this lesson, you'll model your entire scene and prepare it for the painting stage. Romain will demonstrate several time-saving and image-enhancing concepts which will help you to create beautiful work in a fraction of the time.

1 hr & 26 mins

Lesson 5
Balancing the Scene
In this lesson, you will finish your final paintings. Using the 3D environment you've built, you will now photobash and paint your most complex scenes. Romain will also go through post-processing concepts, and show you how to balance all your scenes together from a bird's-eye view. At the end of this lesson, all of your paintings will be complete.

2 hrs & 13 mins
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