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Brush Pack with All My 39 Brushes

Posted on May-06-2020 21:58 | by cod2war | 550 views

Brush Pack with All My 39 Brushes
Brush Pack with All My 39 Brushes
BRUSH | 13 Mb


39 personal custom brushes in one pack for beginners and pros.??
The bundle contains:?
1 basic brush for all main shapes (my favorite allround brush, you can also use it for many other parts of your work)??
3 blending brushes with different strengths
My lip-line brush?
6 hair and fur brushes for realistic results
5 skin structures with different strengths and for every part of the face
1 eyelashes/eyebrows brush??
1 gloss brush (for example, for teeth, shiny eyes, jewelry etc.)??
1 freckles brush??
1 brush/stamp for birthmarks??
1 highlight brush
2 glitter brushes which are great if you want to add something like a “shiny make-up”.
2 Skin Airbrushes for a realistic skin texture in two different strengths?
1 Skin Brush for semi realistic skin like on the example above?
5 different Skin textures (my new favorite is the “Skin Texture ll” brush. In the example above I’ve used it for the nose)?
3 pencil brushes which are great to add a more artistic look.
1 Skin Glitter Stamp, great for eyes, lips, nose or even fingernails?
1 Blurred Eyeliner (looks even more realistic when you use it in conjunction with the smudge tool)?
1 Watercolor texture which works great if you want the make-up to look not too perfect. I use this brush very often around the eyes with a low oppacity.?
1 Bubble-Brush which looks cute on the eyes, but of course you can use it for other parts as well.?
1 Water-Pencil which is a bit like the watercolor texture, but you can use it not only for textures but also for outlines and fonts.??

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  1. #1 by Darklocq Offline on 15 June 2020 09:29

    What software is this for? It's not Photoshop.

    Googling around for ' "brush.archive" file ', I figured out this is for the iPad drawing app Procreate.

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