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Identification Disk Back Prop for Genesis 8 Females

Posted on Jun-21-2024 15:11 | by BBlK | 91 views

Identification Disk Back Prop for Genesis 8 Females
Identification Disk Back Prop for Genesis 8 Females

Detail link: https://www.renderhub.com/dazzworks3d/identification-disk-back-prop-for-genesis-8-females
Dive into the digital universe with our latest free release, the Identification disk Back Prop, directly inspired by the Tron and Fortnite crossover. This prop is a fantastic addition for creators looking to infuse their Genesis 8 Females with a slice of iconic sci-fi action.

-Manually Crafted Metallic Maps: The Identification disk features detailed metallic maps, enhancing its futuristic esthetic with a realistic shine and finish.
-Three Wearable Presets: This prop comes in three ready-to-use configurations to ensure versatility in your scenes:

One preset parented to the back, perfect for standard back-wearing scenes.
Two presets pre-posed in each hand, crafted with matching hand poses for an immediate action-ready setup.
-Hand Pose Flexibility: Included are hand pose resets that allow you to quickly revert any modifications, making it easy to adapt the disk for different scenarios. Additionally, the standalone hand poses can be applied independently, offering further customization for your renders.

Special Notes:
Free Use, Not for Resale: This prop is provided free of charge for personal use only. Please respect the creative efforts of our team by not reselling or using the model for commercial purposes.

Compatibility and Installation:
Broad Compatibility: Fully optimized for Daz Studio versions 4.19 to the latest, with comprehensive support across a wide array of 3D software via Daz's bridges to Maya, Unity, Unreal, 3ds Max, Blender, and Cinema 4D.
Installation Path: To use the Identification disk in your projects, simply navigate to Content\Props\DAZZworks\TRON_Props in your DAZ Studio library. This easy access ensures you can start incorporating the disk into your scenes without delay.

Transform your Genesis 8 Females with the Identification disk Back Prop. Whether setting the stage for a sci-fi showdown or adding a touch of futuristic style to your character, this prop will bring your creative vision to life.

Explore the potential of the Identification disk in your next project and share your results with us. Remember to like, share, follow, and rate to support our community of innovative creators!

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