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Nezuko Kamado - Game Ready - Low Poly Low-poly 3D model

Posted on Dec-28-2023 00:16 | by BBlK | 243 views

Nezuko Kamado - Game Ready - Low Poly Low-poly 3D model
Nezuko Kamado - Game Ready - Low Poly Low-poly 3D model

Detail link: https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/character/woman/nezuko-kamaddo-adult-version
3D model for Blender of Nezuko Kamado based on the characters of the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba series, this design is not intended to be the same as the anime, it is only based on it. This model is a version adapted to my style, and is available only in Blender format, FBX and Unreal 4. The character has Body and Face Rig, and it comes with1 original costumes of the character, and 1 extra costumes (Bikini Suit Version).


Blender file of the character in Blender version 4.0, To use the MustardUI and have no problems with the interface Install the MUSTARDUI addon that I leave in the download files and enjoy :)

Download the Blender file (Nezuko_MustardUI_4.0) and the MustadUI Addon (MustardUI.zip).
Install the MustarUI Addon in Blender 4.0 and then open the Nezuko_MustardUI_4.0 Blender file and you're done!

Technical information

Total tris counts: 126,580
Total Polygons: 63,532
Textures Size: 4K and TGA. textures
Unit: centimeters.
Model Height: 170 cm aprox.
Full Rigged in Blender 4.0
File Name: Nezuko_MustardUI_4.0.Blend
1 Original Character Suit
1 Extra suit
Intuitive UI (MustarUI) for easy Customization.
Full Body
PBR textures (Metallic-Roughness) 4096x4096.
Textures can be found in this folder (rar): textures

This character rig is based on a humanoid skeleton. The bone hierarchy is based on the Unreal Engine 4 skeleton for easy retargeting. With additional bones you can apply physics to different parts. The rig is made in Blender with the AUTORIG PRO plugin.


Q: Is the file available for 3D printing? A: No, the model is only created for use in animation or 3D rendering programs.

Q: Do I need a plugin to use this character? A: You need an Autorig Pro plugin add-on to use the FK to IK switch options on the limbs, this add-on is included with the purchase of this model.

Q: Can I create an NFT with your model or sell it as a VRchat avatar? A: No, it is prohibited to use my models for creating non-fungible tokens, or use in other blockchains. It is also prohibited to re-sell my models as a VRChat avatar, even if applying changes to them.

Q: Are you available for custom projects? A: No, at the moment I am not available to make character models upon request.
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