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Bloop Animations – Making an Animated Movie

Posted on Jul-18-2021 21:40 | by Admin2 | 109 views
Bloop Animations – Making an Animated Movie
Bloop Animations – Making an Animated Movie

What will you learn?
We’ll start by getting into the world of animation filmmaking. We’ll talk about why you should make a film, how to come up with ideas, and go over the different programs used in the course.

We’ll start working on making the film by going over the script-writing process, making storyboards for the film, and using them to create an animatic.

Moving on to production, we’ll go over the 3D pipeline, and then talk about modeling, rigging, animation, texturing, lighting, rendering, 3D cameras, voice acting and creating a previsualization (previz).

After production is done, we’ll move on to post, and talk about editing, color correction, grading, sound design and music.

When our movie is done, we’ll cover creating marketing materials such as posters, a trailer and a press kit. We’ll also talk about submitting to festivals and creating a portfolio website for yourself and your film.

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