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Blender Market – Auto Eye V3

Posted on Feb-23-2020 18:43 | by cod2war | 339 views
Blender Market – Auto Eye V3
Blender Market – Auto Eye V3


What is it?
Auto Eye is a 100% procedural generated eye for Blender Cycles and Eevee, fully customizable and focused on make easy to create a wide variety of styles. From realistic to cartoon and even animal eyes, like cat eyes.

Why you need Auto Eye?
The eyes are one of the first things you look at on a character. Nice looking eyes will make your character look alive and Auto Eye will help you in that.

Faster workflow
Easy customization
Unlimited resolution
Low storage cost

Unlimited resolution!
Since Auto Eye uses procedural textures, you don’t need to worry about resolution. Your eyes will hold well even for close up cameras.

Animation friendly
For animation, you can turn off the visibility of the cornea in the viewport and see where your character are looking at in Solid mode.

Texture baking
With the Auto Eye it’s also possible to bake the color texture to use it in other software as you want. There is a dedicated blend file for that, it’s very simple to use. You just customize the Auto Eye as you like, set the render size and render it as you normally would for a image render.

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