Udemy - Mythological Female Character - Complete Game Pipeline

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Udemy - Mythological Female Character - Complete Game Pipeline
Udemy пїЅ Mythological Female Character пїЅ Complete Game Pipeline
Duration 24h 30m Project Files Included MP4

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Fixed files:
0037-Sculpting the Dress

Mythological Female Character пїЅ Complete Game Pipeline
Sculpt, Retopologize, Unwrap & Texture a Female Character using Zbrush, Maya, Substance Painter, & Marvelous Designer

What youпїЅll learn
Understand the proportion, skeleton, muscles and fat of the female body
Sculpt a female character from head to toe
Principles of cloth, wrinkles, and folds
Make believable clothing
The full process of retopology
Build hair cards
Create clean and organized UVs
Texture skin, leather, fabric and metal
Master the best way to optimize your character
Create PBR materials
Render a portfolio-ready image
Basic knowledge of Zbrush, Maya, Substance Painter, Marmoset, and Photoshop is required. No knowledge is needed for Marvelous Designer since the instructor will teach you the basics of this program.
Instructor Info

Abraham Leal is the Director and Founder of Critical Hit Studio & Academy. With the studio and academy, he is proud to be able to spread his artistic knowledge to everyone in his hometown and is extremely excited to be working on big entertainment projects in Mexico. What inspired Abraham to be a 3D artist is The Hobbit book and all the lore that surrounds it. Being able to tell stories and share his own voice is what motivates him to create and imagine new and exciting characters. Prior to becoming a 3D artist, he was going to medical school and he decided to do a complete 180 and get into Digital Design and Entertainment Production. When he quit medical school, he couldnпїЅt draw, paint, or sculpt to save his life but he was so convinced of his definite desire and worked hard to turn it into a reality. His advice to artists who want to get into the 3D industry is to practice properly, be patient and stay humble. He believes in always having a goal in mind, and always open to learning and improving.

Course Info

In this course we will learn everything you need to know in order to create an AAA game ready Character.

The major topics we will be covering are:

-Understanding and sculpting the female Anatomy
-The full process of retopologizing
-Creating game accessories
-Principles of cloth wrinkles and folds
-Making believable clothing
-Building Hair Cards
-Creating clean and organized Uvs
-Texturing skin, leather, fabric, & metal
-The best way to optimize your character
-Creating PBR materials
-Rendering portfolio-ready images

We will be working on a female Character throughout the course. Before beginning the course, you should be familiar with Zbrush, Maya, Substance Painter. No prior knowledge is needed for Marvelous Designer because I will go over the basics of this program.

You are free to follow along with the provided base meshes or you can try and do your own character following all the techniques i will be sharing with you.

This will be a very intensive course but i can guarantee you will get very valuable information to get your characters to the next level.

Come along in this exciting journey with me on creating a professional production-ready character. And with nothing else to add for now, lets jump right into it!

Who this course is for:
Students who want to learn the complete game pipeline: sculpting, retopo, unwrapping & texturing
For anyone who want to improve their anatomy skills and create a beautiful and professional female character
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