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MakeHuman 1.1.1 Portable
MakeHuman 1.1.1 Portable
MakeHuman 1.1.1 Portable | 361 MB


--- The program is a designer, using which you can quickly pick the desired appearance for a three-dimensional object.
--- The main purpose of MakeHuman is the rapid creation of three-dimensional models of a person without the use of sophisticated modeling tools.
--- Work with MakeHuman starts with the fact that in virtual space the software generates a template model of a person. On the basis of this form will create a three-dimensional character.
--- Any changes of those or other parameters of the model lead to a change in the appearance of the model in real-time.
--- Some biometric parameters of the 3D person are measured in real units of measurement.
--- At any time work on a three-dimensional model, you can return to the original state by clicking the Reset button.
--- There is the manual way of working with clusters of individual plots three-dimensional surface model.
--- In modes Advanced Modeling and Finishing Modeling you can change the size of individual fragments of the model and move them.
--- To understand how the cluster can be controlled manually, just hold the mouse cursor near the model - areas that you can move and scale, are highlighted.
--- Shifting the clusters, as well as changing their position, you can work in asymmetric and symmetric modes. The last option allows you to influence the model symmetrically to control the size and position of the shoulders, cheeks etc.
--- MakeHuman comes with a library of models.
--- The program also includes a module for creating three-dimensional hair.
--- The ultimate goal of the work in the program - export in one of popular 3D formats. The program can save the project files in OBJ, MHX, BVH, DAE.
--- The program is not exacting to resources and it can be run even on low-end configuration.

12 years of research in body topology
--- Since the first release, makehuman uses a unique mesh, that has evolved through successive releases, incorporating community feedback and the result of studies and experimentation.
--- Optimized for subdivision, Mudbox and Zbrush
--- Loops optimized for animations
--- No triangles, quads only
--- Max pole edges: 5
--- Topologies library.

1170 morphings for effective parametric modelling
--- Easy and intuitive parameters, including
--- Age, gender, height, weight
--- Body proportions, face shapes
--- Eyes, nose, mouth, chin, ears, neck...
--- Hands details, feet..
--- And more...

Whats New:

It should now be possible to mix encodings (from recognized and valid codepages, see known issues below) on windows 7/8/10, for example when having a unicode file system, but a cp850-encoded filename. This will solve crashes when the user name or the installation path contains latin1 characters such as ??????
The UI will no longer crash when using translations
The release provides more consist management of undo and restore defaults
Fix for glitches in the male formal suit
Fix for glitches in the male worksuit

All fixes:
Bug 78: "Restore Default" button in settings
Bug 195: "Undo" does not actually undo many commands
Bug 354: Add package_name + date in window title
Bug 662: New malesuit01 needs minor UV touch-up
Bug 716: Translation choices
Bug 718: Alternative distribution for windows
Bug 764: SVG not supported on windows (but doesn't crash)
Bug 771: Consistent handling of binary/ascii export choice
Bug 831: Worksuit texture touch-up
Bug 945: increasing eye bag slider breaks armature
Bug 981: Makeclothes doesn't like eyes
Bug 983: Modeling Face Mouth features slider images
Bug 1004: RC and recent HG builds - file loader does not populate
Bug 1027: MH 1.1.0 - Windows 10 PreRelease Build - File list Exceptions
Bug 1028: MH 1.1.x - clean up / document status of genitals
Bug 1029: Unicode in MH path still causing trouble
Bug 1037: Using any translation crashes parts of the GUI
Bug 1043: Possible issue in module3d
Bug 1051: Assymetric foot vertex groups
Bug 1053: Help About
Bug 1057: ppa produced overwrite errorserrors
Bug 1066: material_editor unicode warning MH 1.1.0 release
Bug 1070: Sort filters dysfunctional - MH 1.1.0
Bug 1073: Error loading a bvh pose created in Blender
Bug 1076: MacOS Sierra - MakeHuman 1.1.0 data directory not loading
Bug 1083: _cat_data["bodyproportion"] or _cat_data["bodyproportions"]?
Bug 1088: Test cases for unicode issues
Bug 1094: Update copyright to 2017
Bug 1104: MakeWalk code has a trivial typo.
Bug 1108: Replace splash screen
Bug 1109: Investigate PPA errors
Bug 1110: Update the README file.
Bug 1111: Test Build r2066 (708f2b6d9545) issues
Bug 1112: v1.1.1 can't load mhm created with v1.1.0
Bug 1113: Link Help>About MakeHuman>Website to community
Bug 1120: Error in language master file
Bug 1124: PPA: the package description for makehuman-bodyparts is "test test"
Bug 1126: PPA: makehuman-bodyparts should have "replaces makehuman-data"
Bug 1135: File chooser in backgrounds tab does not populate when UI language set to russian
Bug 1138: Missing bitbucket Item?
Bug 1139: Missing comma in languages/master.json
Feature 98: Regression suit to test the exported files.
Feature 211: Conforming to debian python policy
Feature 696: Increased support for rigid proxy assets
Feature 1093: Easy way to copy version number to clipboard for bug reporting
Feature 1107: Make sure it's possible to save all kinds of filenames on windows
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