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Udemy - Use Custom Inspectors in Unity T0 Speed Game Development

Posted on Oct-16-2015 05:14 | by phuongdzu | 1 440 views
Udemy - Use Custom Inspectors in Unity T0 Speed Game Development

Udemy - Use Custom Inspectors in Unity to Speed Game Development

Game developers can make better assets for the Unity asset store with custom inspector, and speed up game development
For this tutorial you will be using Unity 5.2 but you can use any version you want since all Unity editors are built using what you?re about to learn also you will need to have a good understanding of C# and at least a small understanding of the GUI scripting (not to be mistaken with the UI system that is a implemented into your game since version 4.6) and Visual Studio (Online / Community / Code) or Mono Develop.

Create a custom inspector that you can use in a lot of different projects.

You go through the Unity Asset Store and buy a really great asset that has a deep and complex functionality but you find it really easy to use and the only thing to do is to click some buttons on the editor, check some checkboxes and drag some sliders, why is that?

Because it has custom inspectors implemented. With the custom inspector you can make complex behavior easy and then pass it on to your teammates or even sell it into the asset store, you can put all the complex functionality under the hood and let the people implement your code.

What are the requirements?
  • Understanding of scripting in C# inside Unity.
  • Unity 3D installed on your computer.
  • One of the following code editors: MonoDevelop, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Online, Visual Studio Code.
What am I going to get from this course?
  • Over 7 lectures and 32 mins of content!
  • Create your custom inspector.
  • Implement different types of options available for custom inspectors (buttons & sliders).
  • Select and edit multiple object with the same custom inspector at the same time.

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