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FPE Akhane Battle Ready for Genesis 9

Posted on Jan-28-2024 22:06 | by BBlK | 177 views
FPE Akhane Battle Ready for Genesis 9
FPE Akhane Battle Ready for Genesis 9

Detail link: https://www.daz3d.com/fpe-akhane-battle-ready-for-genesis-9

FPE Akhane Battle Ready expands upon NDFP Akhane's vampire and demon concepts through applications involving Geoshells and Textures to give any character a look that ranges from elegant viciousness to savagely unhinged.

While this product conceptually ties to our NDFP Akhane for Genesis 9 Character, the product isn't a requirement. Everything included here can be used on any Genesis 9 Character (feminine or masculine), regardless of skin settings or shaders.


|| FPE Akhane Battle Ready is a STAND-ALONE product. ||


The pack includes the following applications:

A Feeding Shell | As the name suggests, this Geoshell Wearable is a set of blood textures applied via LIE Masks Presets. The Masks include bloody lips with or without a blood trail, bloody tears, bloody arms, hands only, and nails only.

Classic Vampire Fangs and Mouth Iray H.Materials | Tied to the Feeding shell, we included a set of classic vampire fangs with a shaping preset to apply or remove it. And because the devil is in the details, we added three Hierarchical Mouth Material Presets with different levels of blood coverage: clean, subtle, and bloody.

A Tattoo Design Applied via 04 Tattoo Shells | Each Shell has unique textures for a widely different tattoo application. Each Geoshell also includes its own Material and Utility Presets for further refinement and flexibility. In addition, the Tattoo design has been split into smaller components to allow a symmetrical look built through 14 Layered Image Editor (LIE) Presets.

Because we value the importance of customization, each Shell has an info script to help you manually adjust the Geoshell settings to match your vision.

Don't forget to use the offset presets to stack the Shells for even more variation! Remember that since Geoshells are a non-destructive way of adding details to your character, you can comfortably venture out and tweak, refine, and change the Geoshell's settings to your heart's content. Reverting those changes would be as easy as re-applying a Material Preset or deleting the Shell and re-applying it!

Use this pack to show that not everyone's table manners are prim and proper. Maybe your character likes their meat fresh and raw? Perhaps the Tattoo is the mark of an ancient being or a bloody curse that's stricken an unfortunate soul? Or maybe tattoos are a way to bind predators and pray, summoners and demons, or even masters and slaves?

Whatever you decide, we hope this pack helps you show that story!

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