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Face Transfer Shapes 2 for Genesis 9

Posted on Jan-18-2024 17:23 | by BBlK | 347 views

Face Transfer Shapes 2 for Genesis 9
Face Transfer Shapes 2 for Genesis 9

Daz Studio has introduced an exciting new version of Face Transfer – Face Transfer 2 - which now works with Genesis 9 and allows users to generate realistic characters from a single photograph. While this is a huge improvement from the first generation, there are still aspects that can be improved – the generated faces tend to look a little wider than the original source photo, the face is a little flattened in profile, the ears can look a little distorted and features are generally not as defined as they could be.

Enter Face Transfer Shapes 2! This restores the profile shape and facial details giving overall more pleasing results from all angles. There is a Main Fix for both Males and Females which uses an average face shape to restore the correct depth information. You then have a number of easy to use additional morphs based on ethnicity, age, and overall face shape, for you to fine-tune your characters to maximize the likeness. These adjustments have both positive and negative ranges for greater versatility, and it can be sometimes useful to try the different dials despite the names as they can affect different faces in slightly different ways. You can also apply these morphs to any other character to generate interesting variations.

All of the morphs are derived from extensive analysis of dozens of characters and the difference between the shapes generated by Face Transfer 2 and how the geometry should look in real life. As such, each morph changes the whole face and should be seen as enhancing what Face Transfer 2 generates, rather than being stand alone. No other morphs were used in doing the promo images. It is possible that greater likenesses can be achieved by applying other face morphs such as Daz's Genesis 9 Head Shapes.

Face Transfer Shapes 2 makes an exciting tool even more useful to produce your own characters and likenesses with wonderful realism.

What's Included and Features -
Face Transfer Shapes 2 for Genesis 9: (.DUF)
FTS200 Clear All FTS Shapes
FTS201 Apply Main Fix Female
FTS202 Apply Main Fix Male
FTS203 Age Young
FTS204 Age Average
FTS205 Age Old1
FTS206 Age Old2
FTS210 Ethnicity Neutral
FTS211 Ethnicity African
FTS212 Ethnicity East Asian
FTS213 Ethnicity West Asian
FTS214 Ethnicity European
FTS220 Face Shape Neutral
FTS221 Face Shape Heart
FTS222 Face Shape Long
FTS223 Face Shape Round
FTS224 Face Shape Square

Notes -
This product includes: 1 DSON Core Installer

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